Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hands for Africa Pendant

Hands for Africa Pendant BACK IN STOCK! Finally! They are soooo much work!! Check out my etsy shop!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

All about AUTUMN

Autumn LOVES her little brother
LOVES to Laugh
LOVES animals
LOVES her sister & her mommy
Autumn is a great little artist-- she LOVES to draw, scrapbook, and do anything creative! She loves to write stories and write in her journal-- her last story she wrote was about "wore" AKA, war, and how the fighting and killing makes her sad. She is such a little thinker and sometimes worries about things that an 8 year old shouldn't even be thinking about. She is super sweet and wants everyone to be happy. She's an animal lover and says someday she'll have one of everything! She loves to laugh, sing, dance, and listen to music. Autumn LOVES school and her friends and even got an award for student of the week! She's practically an Angel!!! (haha with the occasional tantrum of course!)
I can't believe how fast she's growing up- I love every second of it, everyday she makes me more proud to be her mommy.

One for you and One for Me.....

THIS is what happens when Mommy is busy doing something else and her son says "Mommy, can me and Fasika ..........blah......blah.......(and the rest is a blurrrr). And of course, being preoccupied doing WHO knows what..... I say "Sure sweetie!"

Luckily for me, they checked the nutritional facts before digging in!!

What more could a mom ask for????