Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Is it dead yet, mommy??"

Sooo that was the question of the day on Thanksgiving-- Maybe because I made the mistake of letting the kids help me prepare the turkey.... cut open the package, uncover the hairless bird, dump the bloody mess from the wrapping, pull out the neck and other nasty insides-- they left the kitchen in complete disgust and wandered off with too many questions. I hear their discussions from the kitchen, Thomas says "I'm gonna ask dad if he'll get us McDonalds, I am not eating a dead bird."

Finally, when the buzzer rang and the turkey came out of the oven, Fasika comes running out and says "is it dead yet mommy??" LOL, I laughed and said of course, it's all cooked! Autumn says "well, is it a he or a she turkey? I bet the boy ones are nasty." I thanked Autumn for her input and changed the subject quickly-- Fasika continues to watch as I scoop the stuffing out and says "mommy, I'll eat some of that turkey, but I am NOT eating it's guts!" At dinner it was decided that the turkey was indeed a girl, because it tasted just too good to be a boy! Thomas was too busy claiming his olives to be concerned about the turkey!
You DO love your mommy!
Soo much to be thankful for....
Another happy turkey day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LOVE that smile!

It doesn't take much to get a smile out of that pretty face!! Give this girl a pile of leaves and you'll be lucky if she makes it in for dinner! I've always been amazed at how content she is with the simplest things-- No bells and whistles needed for this sweet girl! For now, we've got leaves, and soon we'll have SNOW, and then, her personal favorite-- MUDD! Got to love Vermont!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Hood, Texas

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those killed and wounded in the tragic shooting at Fort Hood. Please show your support and lower flags to half staff from now until Veteran's Day, on November 11th.