Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take a picture with your pet.....

As an animal lover there was no doubt my kids were going to grow up surrounded by animals. When I was a kid we always had animals.. dogs, cats and bunnies of course. I always asked my parents if we could get more pets-- and they always said "no". They even got angry when I'd come home with a new bunny, which I did many, many times, risking punishment!! Luckily for me the punishment was never sever enough to stop me from doing it again. We had a finished back porch that I even transformed into the bunny's room, complete with litter box and faux grass-- ya know, the indoor/outdoor kind!! I can remember my dad saying to me... "when you grow up and have your OWN house you can have as many pets as you want" well, here I am, all grown up and with my OWN house and am completely IN CHARGE when it comes to getting pets!! =)

For Autumn's first birthday, we got her a black lab and named her Zoey.And when Thomas was 4 he got his baby, a basset hound, he named Beef. Well then came Fasika, and here she sits without a pet, yup... poor Fasika is pet-less. Even though our household includes 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 bunnies and about 15 mice-- she still doesn't have her "OWN" pet. My mom kindly offered to share her dog with Fasika, and that worked for a little bit, but now she continues to question "how come Autumn has a dog, and how come TJ has a dog, but I don't??" I tried to explain that we have lots of animals already, and I tried to give her ALL 4 cats and a bunny to call her own-- she shot it down "cats and bunnies aren't fun like doggies" she says... SO.... what to do?? Relax mom, we are NOT getting a new puppy-- we will delay as long as possible... just look how lonely she looks as she holds her puppy-less hands out.... So sad!

Friday, January 15, 2010

29 Days before we leave for Africa--

We are so Lucky to be working closely with our Adoption Agency,
Wide Horizons For Children. They have been amazing from day we signed with them. I'm so glad we choose them, as there are many great agencies out there. Not only have they have always gone above and beyond for us, they are now playing a HUGE part in helping us plan our trip back to our daughter's birth country. They have offered us a room at their guest house, they have notified Fasika's family that we are coming!! They have arranged transportation and a translator. Mulat who is employed by WHFC will be picking us up at the airport late Saturday night. We feel so spoiled-- they are so amazing.

I can't even express what a relief this is for us-- I was overwhelmed with all the planning and making the proper arrangements. Our main goal is to visit Fasika's family and deliver our donations to the village of Aleta Wondo-- now, thanks to WHFC we will be able to do this with ease and enjoy our visit and take everything amazing Ethiopia has to offer.

So far our week looks like:
Saturday: arrive Addis 7:30 pm
Sunday: spend the day at the orphanage
Monday: Tour Addis
Tuesday: Leave for Aleta Wondo at 4 a.m., arrive 7 a.m. & spend the day with Fasika's family.
Wednesday: Spend the day in Aleta Wondo, say goodbye to Fasika's family, leave late Wednesday night.
Thursday: Spend the day at the orphanage
Friday: coffee ceremony and say our goodbyes. Flight out at 10:30 p.m.

Did I mention that we are going to be in Ethiopia the same week that Group #89 is there picking up their children!? I can't believe it's been 21 months since I traveled in group #62 to pick up Fasika. 21 months... just doesn't seem possible.

29 days and counting......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Me and Michellyn..... To my bff,
Well, where do I start!? Over the past 4 years we've shared an amazing friendship and some crazy times!! We started out "working" together that one crazy summer-- kids (lots of kids!!), a pot of mashed potato, 1/2 baked chicken--down the driveway to my parents basement (damn state). Sun-tan lotion, lazy days in the pool, golf cart rides, water balloon fights, the roofers next door (a camera with zoom!), myspace, mid-day naps, dirt roads & mud puddles, beep beep at P.T., texting and pregnancy!!!

We spend countless hours on the phone talking about absolutely nothing, accomplishing absolutely nothing. We share similar parenting tactics-- threats, potty talk words, and the "sleep where you crash" rule. You always give the best daycare advice, even though I'm sure I taught you everything you know!! But shhh, dont' tell anyone-- haha

Michellyn, I cherish the friendship we share, you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I wouldn't want to be going back to Africa without you!! I can't wait to share the laughs, the tears, and everything we will experience together. Who would have thought, 4 years ago as we sat on my couch googling adoption agencies that we'd now be planning a trip back to Africa to reconnect with my daughters birth family?!!? I can't wait until it's your turn and we are celebrating the ups and downs of your adoption and I can support you as you have supported me every step of the way. You're the best!
And.... only you would bring me a Valentine's Day cupcake all the way from Milton, and only I would eat that very same cupcake you left in the WRONG mailbox an entire week later!!

Our Laughs-- [limitless] Our Memories-- [countless] Our Friendship [endless]
Love ya!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help me and Get a FREE Treasure Africa decal!!


OK... So here's the deal!! I'm desperate and I need some ideas on wording for a fundraising party that we are having before we leave for Africa! We are planning a "donation" party, inviting all our friends and family to pitch in and help!! I have a list of items we are asking for, and of course monetary donations (to benefit the village) are always welcome!! I want to make cute little invites asking for help.

Obviously the invite will have the general info; date, time and place, but I need to add an impactual statement that will make my friends and family WANT to give, to WANT to help. Anyone who has checked out my ETSY shop knows we feature the quote "As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person" by Paul Shane Spear. I would like to incorporate that into the invite, but just don't know how....

I've never been one to ask for help, I'd rather bust my ass and get it done myself, but this is a task that is much bigger than I can handle on my own. I know my family and friends will give generously, but I want them to feel compelled help.....

TREASURE AFRICA DECAL: Black vinyl decal, in the shape of Africa. Inspirational words cover the decal in white and the word "treasure" in red. Can be easily applied on any surface, such as car windows, walls, mirrors, wood, metal, etc.

Easy application:Remove protective covering, apply to clean surface. Measures:6 1/4" by 5 1/4"

Help me out!! Give me your suggestions and post my ETSY link on your Blog, and I will send you a TREASURE Africa decal FREE!!!!

Thanks in advance!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's official, we are going back to Africa!! Truth is, we booked the tickets a month ago but we finally just got everything else in order and have now started the countdown!

So here are the details...
1. We, as in, me, Autumn, Fasika and my bff Michellyn are going. Brock and Thomas are staying home-- Thomas decided he didn't want to get the immunizations and he's just not into going right now. The poor little guy is afraid of crocodiles... hmmm.
2. We are leaving 13 Feb 201o.... 6 weeks from today, oh my.
3. We are staying at the Horizon House which is run by Wide Horizons for Children (our amazing agency) we will be volunteering at the orphanage. We will also be travelling down south to Fasika's village of Aleta Wondo and spending a few days there with her family and working on a couple humanitarian aid projects.
4. Passports are here.
5. Immunizations are done.
6. Prescriptions are filled.
7. Looking for any suggestions as to what we could bring for donations for the village and the children....?!?!?

Fasika is so excited and can barley stand herself right now. She started packing a month ago, she's packed something for all her brothers and sisters, her mom, her aunt and all the kiddo's she remembers from the orphanage... she's such a sweetie.

42 days...and counting....

New items!

With the new year comes new ideas and new items for my etsy shop!! I've been trying to come up with some new products to fundraise for Fasika village of Aleta Wondo. We leave in 6 weeks and are desperately trying to raise money for her village! Check out these blocks! They are made of wood, painted, lightly distressed, stained and decoupaged! There are 3 different sets available! BLESSED, FAMILY and ADOPTION!

Visit my ETSY shop!! Lots of new items available!!