Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take a picture with your pet.....

As an animal lover there was no doubt my kids were going to grow up surrounded by animals. When I was a kid we always had animals.. dogs, cats and bunnies of course. I always asked my parents if we could get more pets-- and they always said "no". They even got angry when I'd come home with a new bunny, which I did many, many times, risking punishment!! Luckily for me the punishment was never sever enough to stop me from doing it again. We had a finished back porch that I even transformed into the bunny's room, complete with litter box and faux grass-- ya know, the indoor/outdoor kind!! I can remember my dad saying to me... "when you grow up and have your OWN house you can have as many pets as you want" well, here I am, all grown up and with my OWN house and am completely IN CHARGE when it comes to getting pets!! =)

For Autumn's first birthday, we got her a black lab and named her Zoey.And when Thomas was 4 he got his baby, a basset hound, he named Beef. Well then came Fasika, and here she sits without a pet, yup... poor Fasika is pet-less. Even though our household includes 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 bunnies and about 15 mice-- she still doesn't have her "OWN" pet. My mom kindly offered to share her dog with Fasika, and that worked for a little bit, but now she continues to question "how come Autumn has a dog, and how come TJ has a dog, but I don't??" I tried to explain that we have lots of animals already, and I tried to give her ALL 4 cats and a bunny to call her own-- she shot it down "cats and bunnies aren't fun like doggies" she says... SO.... what to do?? Relax mom, we are NOT getting a new puppy-- we will delay as long as possible... just look how lonely she looks as she holds her puppy-less hands out.... So sad!

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