Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's official, we are going back to Africa!! Truth is, we booked the tickets a month ago but we finally just got everything else in order and have now started the countdown!

So here are the details...
1. We, as in, me, Autumn, Fasika and my bff Michellyn are going. Brock and Thomas are staying home-- Thomas decided he didn't want to get the immunizations and he's just not into going right now. The poor little guy is afraid of crocodiles... hmmm.
2. We are leaving 13 Feb 201o.... 6 weeks from today, oh my.
3. We are staying at the Horizon House which is run by Wide Horizons for Children (our amazing agency) we will be volunteering at the orphanage. We will also be travelling down south to Fasika's village of Aleta Wondo and spending a few days there with her family and working on a couple humanitarian aid projects.
4. Passports are here.
5. Immunizations are done.
6. Prescriptions are filled.
7. Looking for any suggestions as to what we could bring for donations for the village and the children....?!?!?

Fasika is so excited and can barley stand herself right now. She started packing a month ago, she's packed something for all her brothers and sisters, her mom, her aunt and all the kiddo's she remembers from the orphanage... she's such a sweetie.

42 days...and counting....


  1. thanks for the shout-out! What an awesome trip to be able to take with Fasika. I really hope to be able to take our older ones back when Olivia is older so she can see her culture and adopted aunties first hand.

    Suggestions from when I was there: plastic lined tablecloths (really cheap now in after Christmas sales). They can use those for anything from sitting, curtains, floors, barriers. Also - I never would have thought it would have made it through customs, but someone suggested taking a nice kitchen knife for my Compassion child's mother. We don't realize what a help it would be to have a good cutting knife. Just check it in your luggage! I also took some dollar store little mesh bags (like we use to wash panty hose). Thought they would be good to hang dishes to dry or clothing. And pens - took a ton for adults. They went quick. Could probably get some donated from businesses. For the kids, the norm - bubbles (but heavy), crayons, balloons, stickers, small candies they can share (smarties, m-n-ms).

    Make sure your kids each have little magna-doodles. We had so much fun taking turns drawing things like dog, tree, hat, etc. and then trying to say the word in each other's language. Amharic pictionary!!

    What an experience. I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet!!!!