Saturday, January 8, 2011


Our minds, our memories are marked, tattooed with permanent images of the experiences we face every day. Tattoos are marks that can be permanent or hard to remove. Sometimes, bad stuff happens that leaves a mark we struggle to remove. It’s so embedded that no matter how much you wipe it away the image is still there. Then there are the new marks we want to make….goals and achievements that are painful in the process, making you question if you can suffer through the needles and pricks to experience the beautiful picture or symbol that’s in the making.

So what do you do? For me, and many others we get tattoos. Here's why: Number 1: We are willing to suffer a little pain to get what we want. Number 2: We are willing to commit to a decision that can have permanent consequences; and Number 3: We wear our permanent marks outwardly.

Think about the invisible tattoos in your life. You know….those marks I mention above. The tattoos I’m talking about are your experiences and actions that mark your life and influence your future. The question is….which tattoos do you want to remove and which ones do you want to add? In either case, you will suffer a little discomfort or pain.

Life is like that, each moment/experience/or mark cost you… good and bad ways.

So, judge me if you must, stare when you see my marks, question me as to why I would do such a thing....... and then sit back and think about the invisible marks you keep hidden inside yourself and then we'll see if you have the right to judge.


  1. You are beautiful in God's eyes and tattoo or no tattoo, that is all that matters.

  2. Your little guardian angel will be with you always. You are beautiful in all ways - we are very very proud of you.....

  3. You are beautiful no matter what! Can't wait to see the tattoo in person soon! xoxo LORI :)