Friday, April 16, 2010

What to do???

So, next week is school vacation and my kids are so excited, especially Thomas. Thomas hates school, mostly because he doesn't like his teacher. I'm thinking she'd make a better drill Sergeant rather than a kindergarten teacher!! ANYWAY... my dilemma is this: now that I work, what do I do with my 3 children??? I usually spend school vacations at home with a house full of kids... now what???
As of right now, here's the schedule for next week:

Monday: Kids with Kellie (one of my bf's)
Tuesday: Kids with John (my sisters bf)
Wednesday: any volunteers
Thursday: Kids with Brock's mom
Friday: Kids with Brock's mom

It seems like a mess to me.... but I guess it will work.

Looking ahead, summer vacation is only 7 weeks away. There is NO way I'm going to be able to juggle this schedule for the entire summer. Luckily, Onward, the after- school program is offering care from July 6th to August 6th. They have lot's of activities planned and a field trip scheduled for every Friday. The kids will have a blast and I wont have to worry about them. They will be in great hands. With the after school program running for only 4 weeks this summer, it leaves 4 weeks that I need to find care for. I could always bring them to work with me, OMG could you imagine?? Or worst case scenario.... I have to take the rest of the summer off!!!! Ahhh, sun & kids & the pool & the beach!!!

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