Saturday, November 6, 2010

D = E - R

Disappointment = Expectations - Reality ??

EXPECTATION: a belief about the future. Anticipation: anticipation with confidence of fulfillment. The feeling that something is about to happen.


Disappointment-- this occurs when you are let down or left with unfulfilled expectations. It can be as simple as being stood up for a date, or as serious as being deserted by a friend in the darkest hour of need. I think it's safe to say that in many cases when you have a certain expectation you instantly set yourself up for disappointment. We all have expectations... 100's a day in fact. We expect our alarm will go off at the right time, we expect the car to start, we expect our kids to get up and go to school, we expect our take-out orders to be hot and made to order (except at the South Barre, McDonald's... just plan on expecting the wrong order, every time!), we expect our Friends to call and be there when we need them, we expect our paychecks on payday. Most of our time is spent expecting, expecting something. Our moods, our feelings, our lives are molded by the outcome of each and every expectation, positive or negative.

Usually, I don't sweat what I can't control. I can pretty much shake anything off... But I have also learned not to place my expectations on people, events, or occasions that I can not trust or count on. Therefore avoiding many certain disappointments from unfulfilled expectations. I have been told this method isn't ideal, but then again until you have walked in my shoes, do not judge. When we have expectations, and we hit the wall of reality, we become disappointed.


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