Friday, November 19, 2010

By Autumn
nit wit
dip stick
ding bat, germs
sticky boogers
nasty colds,
he smells like worms
eats his toes
picks his nose
and sits on "todes"

Although her poem is cute, very cute... and some of it (well most of it) is very true... that's my baby boy! He is a bit of a nit wit & a ding bat at times, he's got germs no doubt, boogers.. of course, he very seldom smells like worms, I've seen him "eat his toes." But there is one thing he would never do... he'd never sit on a "tode"

He is a very typical little boy. He's rough, he's loud, he's dirty, he likes video games, wrestling, watching football, playing sports. Did I mention that he doesn't eat meat???? Hasn't for 3 months now, you can ask him if he likes meat and he will say "yea, I like meat, it's yummy, but I LOVE animals" Isn't he sweet?!? All this from a little boy who just a few months ago would eat cheesburgers and hot dogs, tuna fish, steak... you name it. So in addition to all of those things his big sister listed, I need to add

sweet and kind
the biggest heart you'll ever find
no chicken, no beef, no fish
get this boy a vegetarian dish!!

Love ya buddy!

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